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Foxglove Fairy


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Mint Fairy, the best friend of Detective Foxglove, crafts the beautiful golden coins that the Tooth Fairy collects each night to deliver to human children. But when Mint Fairy’s coins are stolen by a mysterious thief, she enlists Foxglove Fairy to help her get them back in time for their evening delivery.

Armed with only a few clues, including a strange golden dust that has appeared throughout the valley, Foxglove Fairy will need to use all of her skills and knowledge to solve this mystery. Will Foxglove Fairy solve the crime and return the coins to Mint before it’s too late? Find out in this charming and whimsical children’s book filled with fairies, magic, and a thrilling detective story.

What readers are saying

Quotation Mark

This is one of those books that you end up memorizing, because it is so delightful to read again and again.

Quotation Mark

With a strong female lead, who is both smart and kind, the cast of characters brings some much needed diversity to the children’s literature space. Full of heart, humor and whimsical illustrations.

Quotation Mark

A magical, refreshing, and creative story of adventure, good character, and high morals. A must read tale for children of all ages.

About Kate


As a child, when Kate wasn’t reading or writing, she spent her time in nature. She was an accomplished fairy house builder, specializing in moss and tree bark constructions. Books were Kate's first love and storytelling was her second, and through those Kate hopes to bring others joy!

The Foxglove Fairy Mystery is inspired by her love of nature and all things magical. Kate earned her degree in English from UCLA and this is her first published book.

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